Nick Brook

A selection of previous projects I work on. I've now set up NRB Tech, an IoT product development consultancy, so head there for new enquries.


Aftercross provides a convenient way to find and interact with the people around you. At a conference you may want to hand over your contact details to somebody – if you both have Aftercross, they already have them – your public info gets transferred in the background. Perhaps you are looking to meet a software developer – open Aftercross and see who is nearby in a cafe.

I worked with Founder Jorge to develop an initial proof of concept prototype, and have since developed a comprehensive Bluetooth communication framework which forms the base of Aftercross's communication capabilities

The Craftsman Smart Lock is a secure toolbox that you can lock and unlock with your iOS or Android device. The toolbox can be configured to unlock at certain times of day or when you walk in range, and you can view a log of recent activity and get alerted if the lock is being tampered with.

I developed the firmware, iOS and Android Apps for this product, from prototype through production.

AirTurn pedals and handheld remotes allow you to turn pages in sheet music Apps, advance slides in a presentation, play and pause your music, improve accessibility, or can be configured for complex custom actions.

I developed the firmware for PED, PEDpro and DIGIT III, the iOS and Mac Apps, and the framework which third party iOS developers use in their Apps to add AirTurn support.

Akkroo is an App which allows you to easily collect data on the street, at conferences, on University campuses, or at corporate events. Collecting data can then send an email automatically, or print a label. Later you can log in to the dashboard and manage or export your collected data. Akkroo has been used by major clients such as Adidas, Morgan Stanley, IBM, Paypal, Deloitte, Mercedes Benz and more.

I developed the product, including backend (database, server admin, code) and frontend (dashboard and App design, JS, HTML, CSS) from concept to release. As the product grew I managed a team of two developers to develop the product features faster.